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live stream yoga

I tried LIVE STREAM Yoga and I liked it

When my local studio temporarily shut  its doors and started live streaming yoga classes, my feelings were mixed.  I was grateful to be able to practice, but I was skeptical.  Part of the reason I love attending yoga classes is being able to breathe and move WITH people.   The more I thought about Live Stream, the more I thought about why I attend yoga classes in general.  I already practice at home, so why DO I attend yoga classes?  My answer: sangha, or community.  I crave the connection with other like minded individuals.  I thrive on deep conversations, friendly smiles, and hugs from friends. Now that I remembered my Why, I decided I would approach Live Streaming with an open mind and give it a try.   I...

Roxy Robbins

Surgical Birth Yoga

[embed][/embed]By Roxy Robbins Roxy is an experienced Birth and Postpartum Doula, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Perinatal Yoga Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist.I get the question frequently “What are safe stretches/yoga you can do post surgical/cesarean birth?” I recently made this little video for a client and thought I’d share!TIPS FOR MOVEMENT POST-SURGICAL BIRTH • FOCUS ON BREATHE. Conscious Breathe is essential post surgical birth to encourage blood flow and awareness to the core. Simply practicing diaphragmic breathe can enhance your healing process.MOVE SLOW. Be easy on yourself as you explore your body after birth (this goes for any birthing person/however your story unfolds). Especially after cesarean birth, there is extensive healing to be had. Move slower than you’re used to as you begin a movement practice.UPPER BODY RELEASE. No matter...

Vegetarian okonomiyaki

Quarantine Recipe: Okonomiyaki

Hi Everyone! Sue Ann here.  So, most of you know I love yoga. But did you know, I also love cabbage?  Seriously. My cabbage love affair got started when my (now) husband and I started dating.  He made a mind blowing cabbage salad, and that's when I realized I love cabbage!   During the quarantine I have been experimenting with making Okonomiyaki or cabbage pancakes.   The recipe below isn’t a total representation of the traditional dish, but more of an interpretation.  I like it because it is easy and delicious. I hope you enjoy it!  Ingredients: 2 eggs (vegan sub flax egg) 1/2 cup water  1.5 Tbsp Braggs  1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil  3/4 to 1 cup all-purpose flour (sub gluten free flour mix - I’ve used...

trigger point

What is a Trigger Point? And Why do I Get Them?

Blog Post by Cat Matlock of FreeBody Massage A trigger point is a focal point of tension in a muscle. This means that a part of your muscle is stuck in contraction and it is not able to release or relax. We don’t fully understand why this happens. All we do know is that it DOES happen and it can be what’s behind your loss of range of motion, weakness in an area of your body, or that nagging pain you are feeling that you can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of.Let’s explore trigger points and learn a little bit about them. About Trigger Points Myofascial trigger points, or simply trigger points, are basically tone gone rogue. What is tone? Tone is when your muscle...

online yoga streaming

Get the Most our of your LIVE STREAM Yoga Class

As you may have notice, due to COVID-19 most Yoga Studios have closed their doors and have turned to live stream classes.  Technology is great, but it can be hard to stay focused during a virtual class.    Here are our top 3 tips to get the most out of live stream classes: Set aside the time and space.  Set yourself up for success and put the distractions away, like you would at the studio.  You deserve the time to focus on you and, let's face it, being at home can be distracting.  Put away your phone! If possible, go in a seperate room from your partner, kids, or roommates. Give yourself space.   Turn your video on. It can feel weird and vulnerable to have your video on, but...