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On Demand – Prenatal Yoga

West Asheville Yoga / On Demand – Prenatal Yoga

On Demand – Prenatal Yoga

with Roxy Robbins

With our on demand videos you can practice in your own space at your own time.  A regular yoga practice can help support a health pregnancy.  Purchase any or all of the videos below and you will receive the download.  So you can practice anytime and anywhere.

Glute Pain and Sciatica 

Description: Got a waddle in your walk? Waking up with nerve pain running down the back of your leg? Flow into this practice to open up deep glute muscles and relieve sciatic pain!

Cost: $15

20 minute practice

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Pelvic Stability

Description: Are you suffering from pelvic pain? SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction)? Sacroiliac joint misaligned? Let’s bring alignment and stability to your pelvis to support your pregnant body through this intentional movement practice!

Cost: $15

30 minute practice

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Opening the Side Body 

Description: Create space for your babies by opening up the side body! By opening and relieving restriction in the side body (oblique muscles) you’ll create more space in the front of the body (rectus abdominous) for a growing belly. Flow into this practice to ease discomfort, create space and support your body through the transformational process of pregnancy.

Cost: $15

25 minute practice

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Roxy Robbins

Meet Roxy Robbins:

Roxy is an experienced Birth and Postpartum Doula, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Perinatal Yoga Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist. She finds her greatest joy in guiding families through intentional yoga practices that combine functional movement, childbirth education, and body literacy. She’s honored to be apart of the West Asheville Yoga family where she teaches weekly classes and workshops that cultivate community, connection, and courage.

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