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Sarah Marcus

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Sarah Marcus

Sarah’s definition and experience of yoga is evolving and changing, as she continues what she hopes will be a lifelong practice. Integrating and harmonizing her personal studies of various forms of yoga, Buddhism, and modern consciousness studies informs her teaching. Ridiculously neurotic, but increasingly self-aware; she enjoys dismantling her own assumptions and limiting thought patterns in favor of being fully present. Her intention in life and in class includes being open-hearted, compassionate, and of service. This generally makes for classes that are dynamic, meditative, and challenging as students are ultimately empowered to get to know themselves and Yoga beyond the conceptualized version of what either should be. She uses skillful verbal cues and hands-on assists to help students recognize the wisdom of their own bodies, and the inherent joy and freedom of embodiment. Often inspired by music, art, and nature; Sarah enjoys creatively weaving these elements into asana classes.
She is passionate about knowing and acting from the deepest sense of Self, and has found Yoga to be useful in her own life for cutting through layer upon layer of distortion and distraction. Sarah celebrates yoga as a sustainable method for self-transformation, and has practiced while injured, pregnant, obese, sick, well, and everything in between.Yoga has served as a support system through it all, and her gratitude for her own teachers leads her to welcome students with compassion and humility. She loves to laugh, and is inspired by those courageous enough to practice with discipline while not taking themselves too seriously. She enjoys thought experiments that remind her to take a playful approach to life, and finds joy in using her years of practice to support others on their own sacred journey through life.

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