Project Description


 Jonna KwiatkowskiJonna Kwiatkowski

I wish to share the calm and balance offered to me by my yoga teachers. My inspiration is drawn from PranaVayu Yoga and it’s founder David Magone, my first and most influential teacher. It is through David that I learned about how quiet, patient compassion can give people space to find themselves and their practice. To do this, I start classes with pranayama (breathing), leave quiet deepening moments in asanas, and end classes with at least 15 minutes of relaxation through meditation and savasana.

My second main influence is Mara Healy and Universal Yoga, which is a highly creative system of yoga that achieves profound states of energetic balance. This makes my classes seem different from a typical yoga class because I use transitions that move through all directions of two crossed + mats. The style balances even numbers of arm and leg asanas, all towards the goal of balancing the body within the spatial dimensions of the mats. It’s like making a mandala with your limbs! 

I am RYT200 certified through PranaVayu Yoga and have completed 100+ hours of training in Universal Yoga. My other work is at Mars Hill University where I am an Associate Professor of Psychology, focused on cognitive psychology and creativity. There, I’ve started a program called Breathing Room to offer yoga, meditation and breathing to undergraduates, especially in their first year of college. It’s a new endeavor I’m very excited about!

I’m so happy to be part of the sweet, sweet West Asheville Yoga community. You are a lovely people!