Project Description


Meghan Ganser

Meghan Ganser has been practicing yoga since 2000, and teaching since 2005, and views the study of biomechanics and alignment as the study of the laws of nature expressed through the most immediate vehicle- the body. She brings lots of levity, laughter, a touch of goofiness, and years of embodied knowledge to fun and challenging alignment-based flow classes; she especially enjoys guiding careful alignment through repetitive transitions.

Meghan has a deep interest in the emotional body and it’s role in total health and authentic spiritual freedom and spontaneity, and studying yogic texts from this perspective. She continues to complete her 500 RYT training with Lillah Shwartz, and has studied with Anusara and Iyengar teachers extensively. Meghan sees herself as a facilitator of her students experiencing their own radiance, grace and awesomeness- and often invites her students to suggest themes, poses and input- thereby co-creating classes together. She loves this community with all of her heart!