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Top West Asheville Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants 

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Top West Asheville Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants 

Nothing is better than a healthy post yoga meal.  But with so many choices here in Asheville, it can be hard to choose.  Here are our favorite post-yoga, vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants.


Simple Cafe

We are so lucky to have Simple as a neighbor.  They are a locally owned cafe with the most delicious juices and smoothies.  They use mostly organic fruits and veggies, and I always leave feeling great.  

Roxy’s Fav: is the Good Times smoothie.


Insider tip:  Pregnant are ready to get that baby out?  Ask for the “baby dropper” smoothing.  It has dates and pineapple (both said to naturally induce labor).  I can just say, it worked for me!   


Bim Beri Bon

Beautiful space and beautiful food.  BBB serves real, feel good food.  Reza (chef and owner) says it best “Real feel good food is fun. It’s a gathering, it’s yummy, it’s affordable. It’s happiness on a plate, tastiness on a fork. Vegans, vegetarians, plant-based, protein based, all together enjoying the nourishment and nurturance that real food provides.”

Sue Ann’s Favorite:  I love the oat milk matcha latte and avocado toast with an egg.  

Insider tip:  Be sure to check out the special.  You can never go wrong with the special.  


Dobra West

Dobra West is a locals favorite.  The Japanese style tea room is a perfect place to zen out after class.  Order tea and a health, nutritious snack (everything is gluten free).     

Insider tip:  Don’t forget your journal.  This is a great spot to slow down.  Check in with yourself. Take time to reflect.


Zia Taquaria 

Monday nights you can often find Deirdre Smith Gilmers or Jacci Lea’s students at Zia’s after class.  We love the fusion of Mexican, Southwestern, Tex-mex cuisine.  Keep an eye out for their vegan specials!


WAY Regulars Favorites:  The nachos.  Hands down.  Zia makes the perfect nachos. They are individually prepared corn tostada shells topped with beans, cheese (or not!), and (vegan, vegetable or meat) protein.  Served with guac and jalapenos.  Each individual chip is perfect.