Quarantine Update - West Asheville Yoga

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Mon - Fri 9.00 - 17.00 Sunday CLOSED


826 Home Street, Bronx, New York

Quarantine Update

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Quarantine Update

Hi There,


We have been practicing virtually for 5 months now,  yet it feels like we are still riding the waves of change.  During the past 5 months we have done virtual classes, recorded classes, and outdoor classes–oh my–so many new ways of practicing, learning, and growing!  How are you settling into this new way of practicing?  Are you creating structure in your days?  Are you planning out your classes and practice times every week?  What is working for you?  I am genuinely curious about your experience; feel free to share!


Personally, I have been enjoying the outdoor yoga classes.  They have been especially loved by my 10 month old son.  We have been participating in the Baby and Beloved class on Thursdays, and the Post Natal class on Sundays.  They  have been much needed ways to see other people, with distance.  


We continue to offer classes, and as we move towards our sixth month of shut down, we need your support.  There are so many simple ways you can help our small community yoga studio:

Is there a way we can support you?  Let us know.   We are grateful to be part of this community and look forward to continuing to practice with you.


With Love,

Sue Ann and the West Asheville Yoga Family