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Tensegrity and Resilience

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Tensegrity and Resilience

If you have taken a class with me, you have  likely heard the word ‘tensegrity.’  So, what is tensegrity?  Tensegrity is a compound word comprised of tension and integrity.  The idea of the tensegrity repair sequence (TRS) is to balance the tension in the body’s connective tissue and muscles to allow us to move our bodies with more grace and ease.


The TRS was created by Giowa Irwin, and I am honored to have studied it with my teachers Cathy Valentine and Flo Dedame.


The TRS consists of repetitive, simple movements that build resilience in the body’s connective tissue as well as rehydrate them.  When practiced regularly, the sequence can help restore range of motion to the shoulders, spine and hips. This practice is like a moving meditation.  It is a way to bring both restoration and strength to the body.  

So why do I love and practice the TRS?   When I first started practicing yoga, I was running, a LOT.  I was a marathon runner and my muscles were tight.  Stretching was uncomfortable.  At first, I was frustrated by the sequence.  But when I set my ego aside and started the practice with bent knees and acceptance of my body, I started to see the benefits of the practice quickly.  I truly was able to feel the rehydration of my muscles.  The oscillating movements created space and breath in my body.  I could find the connection and wave of energy from my foot to my pelvis, and from my fingers to my shoulders.  My body began to feel more fluid and more…comfortable.  


This practice is one I can return to over and over again.  If I wake up and feel unsure of what to practice, I start with a few tensegrity moves.  This process has helped me build resilience in my practice.  By having a set sequence of movements to turn to, I have rediscovered curiosity for practice, uncovered deeper layers of my body, and recommitted at times when I might have given up.  Over the nearly seven years that I have been doing this practice, I have found more ease in my body and mind.


Here is a link to a quick TRS practice.