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Chilled Cucumber Soup!

Have I ever told you about the time I drank cucumber sludge before bed for a week?  No, how about my 7 spicy mustard greens a day challenge?  Okay, all jokes aside, I can not stand wasting our fresh garden food.  Hence some crazy, (not so good), challenges and recipes.   Right now I am swimming in cucumbers, but I’ve found a winning combination.  This recipe was inspired by the cucumber soup at All Souls Pizza.  I have a garlic allergy, so I wanted to make my own version without the garlic.   I hope you enjoy and use up your veggies :).   Chilled Cucumber Soup Ingredients: 2 or 3 English Cucumbers (I used 3) 1 cup Organic plain yogurt ¼ cup Leek or onion of your choice (this is raw, so...


Tensegrity and Resilience

If you have taken a class with me, you have  likely heard the word ‘tensegrity.’  So, what is tensegrity?  Tensegrity is a compound word comprised of tension and integrity.  The idea of the tensegrity repair sequence (TRS) is to balance the tension in the body's connective tissue and muscles to allow us to move our bodies with more grace and ease.   The TRS was created by Giowa Irwin, and I am honored to have studied it with my teachers Cathy Valentine and Flo Dedame.   The TRS consists of repetitive, simple movements that build resilience in the body’s connective tissue as well as rehydrate them.  When practiced regularly, the sequence can help restore range of motion to the shoulders, spine and hips. This practice is like a moving...


Quarantine Update

Hi There,   We have been practicing virtually for 5 months now,  yet it feels like we are still riding the waves of change.  During the past 5 months we have done virtual classes, recorded classes, and outdoor classes--oh my--so many new ways of practicing, learning, and growing!  How are you settling into this new way of practicing?  Are you creating structure in your days?  Are you planning out your classes and practice times every week?  What is working for you?  I am genuinely curious about your experience; feel free to share!   Personally, I have been enjoying the outdoor yoga classes.  They have been especially loved by my 10 month old son.  We have been participating in the Baby and Beloved class on Thursdays, and the Post Natal...


Top West Asheville Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants 

Nothing is better than a healthy post yoga meal.  But with so many choices here in Asheville, it can be hard to choose.  Here are our favorite post-yoga, vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants.   Simple Cafe We are so lucky to have Simple as a neighbor.  They are a locally owned cafe with the most delicious juices and smoothies.  They use mostly organic fruits and veggies, and I always leave feeling great.   Roxy’s Fav: is the Good Times smoothie.   Insider tip:  Pregnant are ready to get that baby out?  Ask for the “baby dropper” smoothing.  It has dates and pineapple (both said to naturally induce labor).  I can just say, it worked for me!      Bim Beri Bon Beautiful space and beautiful food.  BBB serves real, feel good food.  Reza (chef and owner)...


My Postpartum Journey

I am now 7 months postpartum.  I am a yogi.  I own a yoga studio, and I taught yoga until I was 40 weeks pregnant.  I really didn’t miss a beat.  Right after my birth, I can not tell you the number of people that said, “You look great!” or “Wow, already in your jeans?” or “Did you really just have a baby?”  These are nice things to hear, but do you know what these comments don’t address? How I was actually feeling.    I had complications after my birth (which so many mothers have in some shape or form).  My body was working extra hard to keep me functioning and to keep my baby healthy.  So, on the outside, I looked fine. But on the inside,...