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I tried LIVE STREAM Yoga and I liked it

When my local studio temporarily shut  its doors and started live streaming yoga classes, my feelings were mixed.  I was grateful to be able to practice, but I was skeptical.  Part of the reason I love attending yoga classes is being able to breathe and move WITH people.   The more I thought about Live Stream, the more I thought about why I attend yoga classes in general.  I already practice at home, so why DO I attend yoga classes?  My answer: sangha, or community.  I crave the connection with other like minded individuals.  I thrive on deep conversations, friendly smiles, and hugs from friends. Now that I remembered my Why, I decided I would approach Live Streaming with an open mind and give it a try.   I...

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Get the Most our of your LIVE STREAM Yoga Class

As you may have notice, due to COVID-19 most Yoga Studios have closed their doors and have turned to live stream classes.  Technology is great, but it can be hard to stay focused during a virtual class.    Here are our top 3 tips to get the most out of live stream classes: Set aside the time and space.  Set yourself up for success and put the distractions away, like you would at the studio.  You deserve the time to focus on you and, let's face it, being at home can be distracting.  Put away your phone! If possible, go in a seperate room from your partner, kids, or roommates. Give yourself space.   Turn your video on. It can feel weird and vulnerable to have your video on, but...