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826 Home Street, Bronx, New York

Christie Abeling

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Christie Abeling

Christie’s (she/her) passion for yoga was born out of her love for movement and the expression of the human form. As a dancer of many years she found great satisfaction in the emotional depth and the transformational and healing capacity of working with the body. These stepping stones from her early foundation as a dancer lead her down many paths that she continues to integrate into her life work. Her love and reverence for this beautiful planet and living with awareness of her rhythms and influences is central in her teaching. Christie is also a firm believer of weaving together strong and flexible networks of support in our local communities. Our inner work and our work in our communities and in caring for the earth are powerful reflections of each other. Our capacity to care comes from our direct connection to something; beginning with our self and spirit.

Through her experiences as a doula and through pre and post-partum care and family support she is continually inspired to create safe and authentic containers for people to explore and connect. Central to this exploration is mindfulness. Mindfulness of breath, of body and of the mental and emotional constructs that when uncovered, often hold the key to our continued growth and fulfillment. In her private practice she integrates manual therapy, herbalism, yoga, breath work and movement; collaborating with people to develop tools that support optimal health and balance in their lives. She is a mother of two biological sons and a step daughter. They are her greatest teachers in love and life.

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