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Lillian Jacobs

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Lillian Jacobs

Lillian walked into her first yoga class as a junior in high school looking for a way to get in shape. She left that class amazed at the way 90 minutes of asanas and  heightened awareness of breath made her feel both physically and mentally. She continued to return to my mat for reasons deeper than physical fitness. Yoga provided her stress release and a sense of calmness and clarity as she pursued her degree in International Development and Social Change.  As her own yoga practice developed she discovered she wanted to share this practice with others.  After exploring many styles of yoga she decided to pursue teaching Vinyasa yoga because she was drawn to the creativity of Vinyasa sequences.

A few years into her journey as a yogini  she felt something was missing.  Either by complete luck or as part of a master plan, Lillian stumbled upon AcroYoga, a blend of partner acrobatics, yoga and thai massage.  The playfulness and community that AcroYoga brought into her life filled that missing piece. Within a few short practices her life was literally and figuratively turned upside down and right side up again.  AcroYoga reminded her how to play like a kid again, it taught her how to laugh until she cried, how to connect with another human being through the ball of her foot and that cuddle puddles are a powerful form of therapy. In September 2013 she became a certified AcroYoga teacher and is excited to share this powerful form of healing and play with those around her!

In Lillian’s  yoga classes she aims to share with her students the calmness and clarity she gains from her own practice and the lighthearted playfulness she learns from AcroYoga. In each class she creates a safe space where students can have fun with their practice and explore what yoga is for them.

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