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Maeve Hendrix

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Maeve Hendrix

Maeve (she/they) has been leading yoga and expressive arts groups since 2011 and is Licensed Professional Counselor with a certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy. She has a private counseling practice in Asheville, NC and offers weekly yoga classes to the Asheville and Black Mountain Community.

In her counseling practice, she offers a warm, compassionate presence to hold space for sharing and therapeutic processing. Rooted in Attachment Theory, she offers a Body-Centered Mindfulness-Based Approach inspired by EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

She also employs Expressive Arts Therapy, which may include writing, visual arts, movement, music and other forms of expression. Expressive Arts Therapy is based on the principle that creative expression fosters healing and personal growth. Through these methods, she works closely with the client to explore mindfulness based practices that feel authentic fand can be integrated into daily life.

Maeve specializes in working with individuals who are experiencing grief, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and navigating relationships.  Mindfulness-Based and Expressive Arts Therapy are unique, effective modalities in how they offer an opportunity to approach emotional pain, stuckness, and destructive habitual patterns from new perspectives, by activating new neural networks in the brain and discovering the intrinsic intelligence of the body.

Holding a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Appalachian State University, Maeve is certified as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

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