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Sarah Marcus

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Sarah Marcus

I signed up for my first yoga class fifteen years ago because it seemed like the easiest option to fulfill a PE requirement. Nervous at the thought of moving for a whole hour, I stamped out a cigarette, and walked into what would eventually become one of my life’s greatest passions.

I left my first class realizing the mistake of assuming yoga would be easy, but also thoroughly intrigued. More classes followed, and with them came a growing respect and love for the practice. Lifestyle changes came too, as I could no longer help but feel a reconnection to my own body and spirit.

As a yoga teacher, I strive to hold space for others to find their own organic experience of yoga. At the heart of each of my classes is an opportunity to grow stronger and more conscious in an ever-changing, impermanent body. Together, we invest the time and discipline required to be more present and open to life.

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