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Deep Stretch

West Asheville Yoga / Deep Stretch

Deep Stretch

This class focuses on alignment and deep stretch to release pent up emotional, physical, spiritual and mental blocks that are held in the body. We hold the poses a little longer than a gentle class but not quite as long as a yin yoga class. This class is a beautiful way to slow down, tune into your breathing, honor your feelings or just learn to be in whatever sensation, thought or feeling your body produces. It’s the perfect opportunity to practice Pratyahara, withdrawl of the senses, and just be. In this class you’ll learn to breathe through it all. You’ll learn to be present and hold space for yourself. Because of its slow pace each student gains more insight of themselves in this class. We give ourselves permission to slow down and use props to support the body in its relaxation and release.

Challenge level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Props: Bolsters, Straps, Blankets & Blocks.