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826 Home Street, Bronx, New York

Postnatal Baby + Me Yoga class with Izzy

West Asheville Yoga / Postnatal Baby + Me Yoga class with Izzy

Postnatal Baby + Me Yoga class with Izzy

This postnatal yoga class is designed specifically for the post-birth parent and baby- Come to vent, breast/chest/bottle feed, cry, sleep, and just hangout with other new parents and their little ones! The class will include guided infant massage, meditative breath work, stretching, strengthening, and pelvic floor exercises…all designed to nourish the postpartum person while facilitating connection and interacting with baby. Babies are welcome and encouraged! While this is a “yoga” class, the focus is on holding space for new parents, and nothing is expected to go to plan or stay on schedule. The class is facilitated by Ayurvedic Health Consultant and Certified Doula, CD/PCD(DONA), Izzy Adair. With no expectations, Izzy is there to hold space for your postpartum experience, offering whatever doula wisdom and resources she can to make sure you feel supported in this essential and raw transition into parenthood.

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About Izzy Jenkins

Izzy began practicing yoga after a prolonged foot injury forced her to take a break from her professional training as a Contemporary Ballet dancer. Using yoga as an education on emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness, she was able to recover from her injury and pursued her RYT certification through Yoga Oasis under the instruction of Darren Rhodes. She now holds her 500hr RYT and has been teaching since the summer of 2016. Izzy’s passion is in the health education of uterine bodied/femme identifying individuals and she is currently in school preparing for Master’s entry Nurse-Midwife programs. In addition to teaching yoga, Izzy works in Asheville as a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula CD/PCD(DONA), as well as a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and an Ayurvedic Doula. Izzy is certified as a prenatal yoga instructor, RPYT, through the Khalsa Way method and the Prenatal Yoga Center of NYC. Her style as an instructor is rooted in a strong foundation of alignment techniques and is inspired by a passion for movement and self-discovery. Using asana, pranayama, and meditation as an introduction into the practice of yoga, she hopes to insight in her students a thirst for deeper inquisition into what the practice has to offer.

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